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Workshops and Classes

I love what I do so much, I’m passionate about helping the world get the best out of their slings whatever they are and nothing gives me more happy than indulging in a day of full on sling flinging. I will bring the sling love to you. With four years running a large library and consultancy and 3 years manufacturing slings all brought to you via a background in adult learning who better to ask?

Services I can provide:

Full and half day workshops for your sling group I provide the slings, practice dolls, the fun all tailored to your group. You provide the venue and the enthusiasm. \you’ll be amazed at what you can do by the end of the session. You pay travel expenses and accomodation if it’s needed. There’s a discount on any of my products and a Rock Solid Slings Podspert certificate of attendance (sometimes there’s even lollipops) .

maximum of 8 people

*£95 for a full day (4-6 hours)

*£60 for a half day (2-3 hours)

-no travelling charge for Northumberland, Tyneside & Teeside.


Sling Construction Classes, now in fairness you’ll have to come to me at my workshop, unless you have one of your own.  I’ll be there with you when you cut your wrap up, I’ll be there with you when you sew and iron your sling, make it strong, make it pretty and when you iron it and fold it neatly into a beautifully displayed parcel and post it to yourself with a sweetie and an I love you card because half the fun of a new sling is posty stalking.

You’ll bring your own wrap for construction, wraps or wrap fabric can be provided at an extra charge.

Single person sessions £20 per hour

Group session £13 per hour

Ring slings – 2 hours

onbuhimo – 4 hours

pods – 5 hours

mei tais – 5 hours



* concessions are available for librarian and volunteer enrichment sessions (what a fun and thoughtful way to reward your volunteers) .