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Why Collaborations are awesome


I mean look at these pair. Slings don’t get much more stunning than this! deep, beautiful black with this colourfully awesome arcade panel right? 

But why are there 2 different slings? Well one isn’t a baby carrier, it’s a toy. We know that all kids love to mimic the adults in their life, it’s an integral part of learning how to be a grown up, it’s great for their development to find ways to let  them do that. 

The one on the left is a brand spanking new Podaegi with one of this years in stock fabrics, the one on the right is a doll tai, a mini mei tai for your little one to practice being a parent, just like you do. It’s fully CE marked so you have the assurance of it’s safety and little one feels proud to be just like you. Only I didn’t make the toy sling. My colleague Clare did. Have you seen her stuff? No? GO LOOK NOW over at Clarabugs Creations Her work is just perfect in every way. 
And this mornign while I was putting the finishing touches to the pod I said “wouldn’t it be awesome to make a parent/toddler pair? And it is… You can, if you want buy this exact pair over on my etsy shop  Thanks to the generosity of Clare. You can also buy one or the other if you like… And even better still you could order a matching doll tai with any of my pods. How awesome is that! 

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