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Sling Libraries, why they rock why you need one


I’m a sling librarian, I am.. I’m that special kind of geek that collects slings and runs around all day making absolutely certain that the only time I get a cup of tea is 3 hours after it was poured. I spend a lot of time making sure that the people in front of me have found the right sling for their circumstances AND just as importantly that they know how to wear it safely and comfortably, that they feel confident enough to go home and fiddle with it too..

Sling libraries perform a very important function and they should be shouted about, loudly and often. When you first come to slings (and you should, they’re so very very practical for a meeelion reasons) there’s that terrifying wall of TOO MUCH INFORMATION and often what you think you need or what your friend has raved about probably isn’t going to suit you as well as you’d hoped.
Sling Libraries are often created and run with zero funding, resources collected together by the librarians and volunteers (very very few get paid) and worked tirelessly at. They see many people every day, week, month and they help them all… There’s something in it for them too.. they gain knowledge of what’s likely to work for you and they get to see your face when you hold your baby close. It’s better than money (but money helps too 😉 )

So that’s why they rock, they stop you making an expensive mistake in buying something that may not suit you and then they work and work at narrowing down the massive choice to the sling that’s going to be used every single day and will be your favourite parenting tool. That’s why I am certain there is no substitute for in person support, guidance and sling teaching. There are a few ways of finding a service near you,  uk sling libraries or Babywearing UK  have directories that are pretty useful, as is putting your area into google or facebook search box with the word “sling”, heck! you can even inbox me if you want help finding yours.

I am a sling advocate first, I’d far rather help you find the right sling for you than sell you one of my slings (ok, so I believe my slings are awesome, cos I’d be nuts not to right?) and so I urge every one of you coming here and looking at my shop to first ask their local library if they have a Rock Solid Sling you can try on first and if they don’t to Try Before You Buy. I’m so sure that’s the right thing to do that if you do decide to buy from me after that I will gleefully discount you your hire fees, and if you don’t decide to buy I’ll be glad to have helped you on your quest to find your forever sling, sometimes I give good suggestions too, I’ve been librarianing for a loooong time, I’m good at this.

So from this Sling Librarian to you Sling Shoppers please, if you already use your local library then go tell them how valuable they are.. RIGHT NOW. If you don’t use your local library start now, it’s well worth it.

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