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Product Description

Fancy something special? Have a wrap you’d love to onbu up? Start here. Choose your options, pay your deposit (non refundable) and then send me your wrap (usually a size 3+ is enugh but please check) to 4.5 Broadacre house, Market St, Newcastle, NE1 6HQ. Once I’ve received your wrap I’ll contact you to confirm your options before starting, your deposit will be discounted against your invoice.

Guide Prices:

onbu conversion (any size/strap length) £55

Slingrings (any colour/size) £5 per pair

Hoods £15

(these prices are for straightforward conversions, suitable for most wraps and prices for more complex conversions or artwork may be more, feel free to contact me if you’re unsure)

I only take a limited number of custom conversions and so if your wrap doesn’t arrive with me within 4 weeks of your deposit being paid your deposit will be kept and your conversion slot re-released.

Additional Information


1st size (0-18months approx), 2nd size (18 months plus), custom(please specify)

which onbu?

fabric loops, slingring loops, double slingring loops, rockbu (2nd size only)


none, flat, pixie, sweat


Standard wrap(150cm), Petite wrap (135cm), Custom(please specify), Standard padded shoulder wrap(150cm), Petite padded shoulder wrap (135cm), Custom length padded shoulder wrap (please specify),


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