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Podpodpodpodpodpodpod…. wonderfull pod!

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 by in | 0 comments

Just like with Pods there are soo many places to start here. So many ideas, all of which would be a perfect and fitting start to a blog I’ve really wanted to get started for a loong time. 
It seems fitting in a month where I’ve moved out of my spare room and into a wonderful new workshop/office/HQ, become director of a special CiC and moved into a beautiful big new home with my 2 kids to start something else new. So blog! 

All of that is spinning round in my head, all of the reasons why I make pods, why I love pods, why I think pods are the answer to many many sling dilemmas. I want to talk about them all, all at once (because it’s me and that’s pretty much what I do… talk all at once) but honestly, I cannot decide where to start, where should I start? Where do you want me to start? Now’s the time for you to ask that burning question you always had or to send me cake and kitten pics. 

What do you want me to say people of awesome? 

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