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Please can you help me?

polli 2
People of the internet, my wonderful and amazing customers, friends and colleagues, I need your help on a very important, nay world changing, matter. I kid but I’d still love to know what you think. 

Say hello to polli and salem:

Polli is one of the volunteers who all work so hard with the directors at Parenting North East CiC to enable so many families to carry their smalls. She popped into the office to try on the Oddbu and I think their faces say it all.. But Polli calls it a Rockbu! and it’s growing on me, so on this long holiday (I’m away from the office too, some rare time off for me and my smalls). I’m about to formally launch this as one of my permanent products, just as soon as I’ve made photo and video instructions and so I ask you to make the choice for me… What shall I call it, the Oddbu or the Rockbu? 
Just look at their happy faces:

thankyou berry much you awesomes. 

One thought on “Please can you help me?

  1. ROCKBU!!!!

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