How Much?

Woven Wrap  Custom Conversions

The cost of a simple Wrap Conversion of 2 panels cut vertically for the blanket with wrap straps, usually needs about 4 metres of wrap fabric (a size 5 if you’re shopping) depending on the wrap you choose to send me and its/their tapers, is £45.

A blanket where the pattern runs horizontally takes a little more work but can look fantastic. Depending on the work involved it’s usually an additional £10

Sleep hoods can be added if your wrap is long enough (size 6+) for an additional £10

A matching toy pod can be added for an additional £15

Wrap’s too short? Just have a panel scrap? I have wrap fabric in plain colours and can dye to match/contrast (usually £10 per metre-1 m for a blanket, 2 for straps). I love a challenge too, there’s nothing like a creative solution. Contact me for costs…

IN STOCK PODS- shop coming soon

All in stock, custom and semi-custom pods  have been made using  good quality affordable but lush fabrics that are safely processed.  They’re constructed simply with no bells and whistles either using good quality cotton twill with lightly padded wide straps or using organic cotton wrap fabric from a reputable manufacturer. A funky fabric can be added to one, or both sides.

In stock and made to order using in stock fabric traditional pods (in stock fabrics can be found  here 🙂

Really Simple slings, either wrap fabric or strong cotton with lightly padded straps ( straps 2m long, blankets 47cm x80cm) with patterned fabric  on one side reversing to plain cotton or wrap fabric for .  £70 

Really Simple Slings – Double sided patterned fabric £80.

Sleep hoods can be added  for an additional £15

A matching toy pod can be added for an additional £16

Storage bags and wrapstrap bags are also available. All prices are exclusive of post and packaging.

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