About me.

As a sling instructor and librarian I love pods (or podaegi) for their simplicity, versatility and super ease of use. But I struggled to answer the question “where can I get one?” and so I made one… and then made more. Now the answer is Rock Solid Slings.

These baby slings have been home tested using torque and tension tests and have been road tested by both experienced sling users, librarians and sling teachers. The fabric used is of natural fibres and is sourced to be strong, hardwearing and the fabrics and threads ¬†used have been confirmed as safe for use with children. Please if you’ve any questions just get in touch, I’m lovely.

The range  consists of:

Ready to wear traditional pods – made with a hardwearing cotton that is produced in the UK.

Semi custom and custom traditional pods

Custom wrap conversion pods

Toy pods both ready to wear and custom (toy pods are CE tested)

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