The Testers

Some slings went out to be tested to destruction. None so far have been destroyed but there has been lots of fun with them.

Stockport Tester:

“…….I took the pod along to a couple of our slingmeets and it was very popular, especially with parents of older babies and toddlers. I know there is a lot of anticipation about the launch of Rock Solid Slings, so we feel very privileged to have had a sneak peek!”

Read the full review here :

I’d like to thank Stockport for being willing to try one out. You guys rock.

Slingdads Tester:

” The Pod received a great deal of attention, with one of the other consultants, Lottie from Shropshire Babywearing Consultancy, being that impressed with it she ordered herself one just after the course.”

Read the full review here:

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