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I might have made an Onbu/Pod hybrid.

I love those “what if?” days.

What if you could have an onbu that fit from tiny to school? Wouldn’t that be something? So I’ve tried to figure out how to keep that deep seat, and the simplicity of the onbu rings. I have no idea if I’ve managed it with this prototype but I’ve sent it off to the original pod testers at Stockport Sling Library for their opinion. The lovely Emily has just sent me this review:

“Oddbu Feedback

I really liked the look of the Oddbu – it was summery but not too “snazzy” and didn’t look overly complicated to use. It was well made and the structure and stitching looked reassuringly sturdy. I was unsure at first glance how to tie it, but after a little guidance from Ellie, I had J in it quite happily (he is a very willing demo child of 18 months). On my first try I was concerned that the rings were pressing into the sides of my boobs a bit, but this proved easy to remedy by adjusting how the wrap straps come through the rings. 

Later in the day I popped J in whilst I nipped from the car to a shop. I must explain, my personal babywearing nemesis is ruck straps; they just do not agree with my back at all. After a short walk I was feeling that familiar pull on my shoulders that quickly begins to feel uncomfortable. At home later I spent a bit of time trying a few different ways to tie it (J was considerably patient with me for a Friday afternoon, I must say). I found that i liked to be able to spread the leg passes over his bum for the extra support, but what I really needed was to be able to tie the straps Tibetan, to solve my shoulder issue. After some experimenting, I decided that the most comfortable carry was how Ellie had originally shown me, but with spread straps and rather than the regular finish of knotted waist, I managed to squeeze a really-not-recommended knotless finish in the tails (see pics). Hoorah! This was really quite comfortable!

So. I really liked the design and it was certainly possible to get it nice and comfortable. I did note that I had to make my peace with not being able to achieve a completely symmetrical finish at the front, due to how you need to navigate the cross straps round the rings (does that make sense??), but I liked the final look once I had spread the passes over my front. My main suggestion would be to say that if I was personally ordering an Oddbu from you, I would request a little extra length on the straps to allow me to tie it Tibetan. Probably roughly an extra foot on each strap, I would say. Overall, was very impressed with it though. Thank you for letting me try it!”
And this beautiful picture:





I’m really looking forward to more feedback. Thank you lovely Stockporters <3

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