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What have I made today…

Well first I made 2.5 metres of double width wrap fabric black in my washing machine….

dying is always exciting

While that was going on I made this little doll pod:

pretty little things..

By which time the postman had been and delivered 5.4metres of very soft and beautiful but very plain wrap. Cut and ready for picking up in the morning:

all the lenny lambs

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What is a Pod?

I’ve been a sling addict for about 2 and a half years and I only discovered the wonder of a pod when I bought a stunning Simply Mei Tai pod preloved. It was a revelation in sling form, rock solid, super versatile and very very pretty.  There began a love story…

Pod is short for Podaegi (handy to know if you’re googling). It’s usually roughly rectangular in shape with two long straps at the top. Those straps are used to secure the sling and also to adjust the height and the width of the carrier as you tie it. They have the versatility of a woven wrap but with the ease of use of a mei tai and one size actually really does fit everyone.

As a sling librarian and consultant I play with lots of slings and lots of parents. In situations where people just want to buy one carrier that will see them through or where they have an older child and a baby on the way or where someone is learning to back carry in a wrap a pod is fantastic! Ok, so no sling is the perfect sling for everybody but this sling  is just so simple and so underutilised. I’m going to leave the many uses and the joys of podding to my testers for now.

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Welcome to the small site

Hello you lovely people. After much research and testing I’m finally ready and confident for launch. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well yes but as well as sewing and researching and sourcing goods I also have this shiny website to build up. On that note why not subscribe so that when I put something magical here like conversion slots or in stock slings or just some very lovely photos you’ll be the first to know.

Thank you very much for your support. Please get in touch if there’s anything at all you’d like to know.