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Have you met ellie? 

ellie boo
This is Ellie, Ellie is a sling educator and a long time sling librarian. She’s been testing pods for me since before Rock Solid was Rock Solid.


Jazz hands baby!
 It’s Ellies face you’ll see on a lot of the videos on the pod instructions page. Last night she sent me this video and asked me what else she should demo for you guys:

Ellie is awesome for doing this, with the new parenting support CiC we set up getting seriously underway, the tutoring new sling professionals with the School of Babywearing CiC and the amazing and gratifying popularity of Rock Solid Slings I really was struggling to find the time to show you all the awesomes of podding. So Ellies gonna…Help us help you, what do you want to see that we haven’t already shown you, ring finishes, adapted wrap carries, how to spread your passes on a back carry, anything, however big or small. Telllllll meeeee…. pleeeese.

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