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My shop is back open.. And it’s got awesome in it!

Well that break was certainly worth it! My hire shop is filling up with so much beauty to try before you buy. Stunners like this :



and hard working but good looking slings like this:



Hire starts from £7 for two weeks but do you know that your local sling library just might have a 10 percent off code that you can use? and if they don’t then tell them to get in touch so they do!

Why not have a look, see if there’s something you want to road test…

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Big Banner Notice!

It’s been soo full on and busy round here for so long.. so I’m taking some time off to work on all those projects I keep waiting for time for. My books will be closed for custom orders until 1st October. If we’ve already discussed your conversion then go ahead and send it to me, I’ll work hard on it like we said 🙂


You’ll still be able to buy or hire from my shop so awesome will totally still be heading your way. Keep your eyes peeled to see what I do with the spare time 😉


You guys rock, thank you for being awesome.

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Lets talk oddbu baby

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I make pods. That’s all I do, because I believe it’s better to make one thing really really really well than many things just ok. And I make fantastic pods, I’ve worked hard over years understanding not just my product but how carrying works and how carriers work and the ins and outs of an entire industry. I loved pods long before I made one. And then I made one… and then two… and then… well you know where this is going.


The Oddbu started as a what if.. a game really. Pods and Onbus, the slightly more niche carriers for the hardcore slingers. Or they were… I don’t see them that way. I see them as carriers that suit some situations really really well. But an onbu.. well it’s sized, meaning that one size fits a small range. What if you could combine that super adjustable one size does most of the Pod with the super speedy deep seat of an Onbu? And off I went, there was the famous minature oddbu attempt, the photos were unintentionally X rated.. .bob the builder was in the minibu doing very wrong things to postman pat… but the idea worked and so I made a big one…

I’d tell you about it but I’m going to let one of my sling tester extraordinaire Beccy tell you…
it was agreed that I would receive a tester oddbu and I would use it and see what I thought of it. Was I excited?! yes! YES I WAS!……The effort to make a seat is so incredibly minimal. I hate making seats. I have t-rex arms” So far, so good… so she took it to slingmeet.
“It was a big hit.. big being the word, the thing was a bit huge…so the second one was a little smaller all round…was just as lovely except it had smaller rings which made it more difficult to tie. That was my only issue with it. I was so in love with the testers”

The third one was almost perfect, it lives in my office for trying on. The oddbu is finished, it’s ready to see the light of day, a size adjustable onbu is possible, better yet it has double rings meaning it’s handy for the SSC fans too.

And Beccy has provided me with some fabulous action shots of the very simple, very versatile sling of joy.

Pods may be my first love but this is the baby of a pod and awesome so it counts right?

Please stop by and read Beccys full review of the oddbu plan on her blog I’d love to know what you think.