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Big and small… pods for all!

big boy small boy
The holy grail of slings and baby carriers… where can I find a carrier that will fit my newborn right up til we stop carrying? Is there anything I can carry my 3 year old and 4 month old in?There are lots of carriers that say they do this, and some do. A woven wrap for example can carry a newborn and an adult (not at the same time obviously) but not everyone wants to , or feels confident in, wrapping. There are soft structured carriers that have devices to adjust them but they need the settings changed between children. There are more and more carriers looking to solve this problem and that’s a really good thing.

But how simple is a pod! No adjustments between sizes, quick and simple, no hard parts either. Is it true though, that one pod will fit small to tall? Let’s have a look…


A toddler on a parents back, when we think of pods this is what we think of and it looks awesome right?

The same toddler, a little bit older now in a gorgeous but different pod on mams back…
The same pod, worn with a tiny baby in accordance with the TICKS guidelines for safe carrying. How lush are those pics!Shall we look at some more? This is a wonderful customer who loves her bespoke wrap conversion and I love her pics!


cutest little baby on mam.

cutest 5 year old on dad.. off to the park.
this is what I love about pods… differently sized adults, differently sized kids, so many combinations and they’re all so simple!Now in fairness I personally think there is little substitute for a good soft stretchy wrap on a brand new baby and pods really come into their own from around 4 months up but they can be used with new babies and if you choose to try it there are some videos here . The great news is that they are just as fabulous for babies not born yet! Can you see dad up there? he’s tied the straps in such a way as to leave the stomach free from any pressure. This is often referred to as “tying tibetan” and lots of pregnant women who are already carrying their older child and feel fit and well and wish to continue find that this is a major upside of a pod.

I love pods, this is why I love them. One carrier, that fits most adults and genuinely can be used from very small to preschool and is easy to get the basics down on, that’s just the holy grail of slings!

and the last set of photos that proves just how totally awesome pods are:


The utterly and totally amazing Sam over at Geeky Sweetheart carrying her 2 oldest children in the best thing we ever made for a baby shower
* these photos all show pods made from purpose woven wrap material, traditional style cotton pods can also be used to very comfortably safely carry your child wherever you wish but some of the more complex carries may not work as well. *

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