As a sling instructor and librarian I love pods (or podaegi) for their simplicity, versatility and super ease of use. But I struggled to answer the question “where can I get one?” and so I made one… and then made more. Now the answer is Rock Solid Slings.

These baby slings have been home tested using torque and tension tests and have been road tested by both experienced sling users, librarians and sling teachers. The fabric used is of natural fibres and is sourced to be strong, hardwearing and the fabrics and threads  used have been confirmed as safe for use with children. Please if you’ve any questions just get in touch, I’m lovely.



The word Podaegi describes a traditional Korean baby carrier that consisted of short shoulder straps at the top of a rectangular blanket that was usually used for carrying a little one on the wearers back.

It falls generally into the category of Asian Based Carriers – a panel, usually rectangular, with straps at the shoulders and waist that either tie or clip such as Mei Tai, Onbuhimo, Hmong, Structured Soft Carriers… the choice is immense!


The lack of waist band on a Podaegi is what give it that wonderful versatility. Most versions of Podaegis are now made with longer straps meaning they can be worn in many of the ways one might use a woven wrap as well as some of the ways one might use a mei tai. With a little creative thinking a pod is extremely versatile, you’re not limited by the width of the seat or the height of the rise like a mei tai is but there is much less of a learning curve than with a woven wrap.

This means that they’re quick to master, quick to use, fold up small and pretty much one size fits most, from the tiniest baby to the bigger than average adult.


How about a front wrap cross carry, or a double hammock tied at shoulder? Wear it as a dress? Wrap it round you and chase after that energetic toddler, then swish them up on your back for a rest.

Grab a pair of sling rings for a beautiful finish… You’re limited only by the TICKS guidelines and your creativity.

You can get started here

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  1. Hello would you be interested in more information about this upcoming convention? If so please drop me an email and I’ll reply back with an info pack.


    1. HI Vicky, I’m already going to the above convention. I’m one of the directors of Parenting North East.

  2. […] are few ready made pods on the market but Carrie at Rock Solid Slings makes beautiful ones. The pod in the picture is made from a gorgeous rainbow JumpSac woven wrap […]

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