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A bit of try before you buy

Posted on Apr 3, 2015 by in , , | 0 comments

You guys know I’ve been a sling librarian for about 3 years right? No? Sling libraries are awesome. Done right they take the mysticism out of slings, support parents and families and generally believe in a policy of copious coffee and cake… anyway, I digress.

Our library is pretty big, we have a couple of hundred slings, are involved in over 10 sessions every month and I have no idea how many pods we have, most of which are hired every month. 

That’s awesome, cos pods are awesome but they’re also less well known and if you can’t get to a library or your library doesn’t have one then how do you know it’s for you? I mean we all know pods are genius, birth to school, super versatile, super quick and super easy slings. 

So how about this… online pod hire! by post.. .or in person if you’re in the north east. Starting from £5 for one week up to £10 for four you can hire one from me now and when you decide you love it (cos you will) you’ll get 5 percent off a new one, whatever kind you go for. 

One click does the hire over at my shop. At the moment I have some cotton style pods with wide lightly padded straps to hire, favourite my shop for the hire of wrap conversion pods and the mythical Oddbu (I’ll tell you more about that later) coming soon. 

So… any questions? 

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